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Billie Osborne is a model, actress, influencer, host, and entrepreneur, who is well-known for being the industry’s hidden secret. No stranger to professional filming, commercial ads and music videos, her on camera credits also include magazine and calendar covers.


When Billie O. says, "I'm a bad azz and I live a bad azz life," she is speaking of self-empowerment. Reinsuring yourself that you are worthy of all the finer things in life by living your everyday life in the now is the mantra and foundation that Badazz, LLC. was built upon. 


"I'm often asked questions about what I'm wearing, my diet, my hair and skin care products, and where to go to enjoy life..." Billie expresses. Dedicated to being an advocate for self care, Billie is aware of the naysayers that find it hard to believe that success merely begin from positive thoughts.


"Therefore, I wanted to extend my personal practices into a brand that directly mirrors my lifestyle." -Ms. Billie Osborne

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